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Borrowing Services

Borrowing Rules


All students, instructors and administrative staff of Girne American University can borrow material from the library.


Users who do not have Student ID / Staff ID can not benefit from the borrowing policy.

In case of loss or damage to library items reader is obliged to provide the same borrowed feed.In case of non-supply price equal to the fair value and new editions in a similar case would provide a further publication.



Academic Personnel      

6 Books 30 Days


4 Books 30 Days

Undergraduate/Assoc. Degree

2 Books 15 Days

Administrative Personnel                 

6 Books 30 Days


There is a photocopy room for students in the University. Calculator, photocopy and printing services are not provided in our library.


Extension Process


For Extension;

Extension can be done either from the borrowing/returning section, via phoning to the 0392 650 20 00/1286 or sending an e-mail to the address. Members, can also make the extension process by themselves by using the "Extension Period" tab on the library`s web page.


Delay Fee


User must return the borrowed material on the returning day.

Delay fee is determined by the decision of Directorate of Libraries and the University Board